Wednesday, May 13, 2009

"New Search Tool Aims at Answering Tough Queries, but Not at Taking on Google"

The article introduces a new online search service on a market – WolframAlpha. The biggest question is whether it can beat Google or not. A creator of WolframAlpha, Stephen Wolfram says that “Despite the online chatter comparing it to Google, his service is not intended to dethrone the king of search engines.” There is a big difference between those two. Mainly, WolframAlpha does not search through Web pages, “instead it computes the answers to queries using enormous collection of data the company has amassed.” Whereas Google find information that already exists online. “When a user types in a query, WolframAlpha tries to determine the relevant area of knowledge and find the answers often performing calculations on its data.” However, “in its current state there are many queries that WolframAlpha can not answer, either because it does not understand the question or because it does not have the requisite data.” WolframAlpha is based on program Mathematica, which Mr. Wolfram had created.

I think that this new search engine has a potential where it comes to finding specific information from a specific field that has been already gathered. It would really save us a lot of time if we could find the exact answers to our questions Well, we will have the opportunity to test it next week and we’ll see how effective it is.

WolframAlpha is launching next week at

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